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Our growth in industrial cleaning:

AmpTec was first established in 1992 as a regional distributor of comprehensive range of high-end electrical heating elements for industrial applications. We have been supported by an extensive and strong supplier network in our provision of strategic and innovative heating solutions for diverse industries.

During the 1990s, industrial tooling was conventionally cleaned by hard burring and power brush. These cleaning methods were however not ideal because of their inefficiency causing high downtime and low productivity for manufacturing companies. In addition, these methods increased the risk of damage to tooling, which can be expensive, incurring more cost to manufacturers.

In 1996, AmpTec acquired an environmentally friendly cleaning system “Hot Sands Fluid System” to support the plastics moulding and compounding plants in their industrial cleaning. Dinamec Cleaning Services was then established to complement AmpTec’s core business.

AmpTec Industrial Innovation: Renamed to align with vision and growth

Through the years, AmpTec has strived to improve our suite of industrial cleaning services by investing in technology innovation through partnerships and collaborations with technology providers local and overseas. In 2011, AmpTec partnered Cold Jet LLC USA, global leader in dry ice blasting & production technology, to provide environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for all types of manufacturing and building applications.

During 2014 AmpTec joined the Advanced Remanufacturing Technology Centre (ARTC), a purpose-built facility that is backed by world class research expertise from the Agency of Science, Technology & Research and Nanyang Technological University. The membership has enabled us to collaborate with technology partners such as global company, Rolls-Royce, etc. to better augment our industrial cleaning products and services for the marketplace.

In the following year, AmpTec went on to acquire the sole distributorship for JettyRobot, an award-winning belt-driven machine from JettyRobot s.r.o. (previously Neovision,s.r.o.), a dynamic research-focused setup from Czech Republic in Europe. JettyRobot is a powerful duct cleaning machine that utilises dry ice blasting technology for the dynamic inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the HVAC system. These partnerships have boosted AmpTec’s capability to support the cleaning applications of manufacturing industries, which have evolved over the years.

To better reflect our growing focus on creating innovative technological solutions for the cleaning industries, in 2019, we proceeded to change our name AmpTec Industrial Heating Pte Ltd to AmpTec Industrial Innovation Pte Ltd.

In 2022 AmpTec participated in the Cool Ideas Enterprise programme by the Housing Development Board (HDB) to develop environmentally friendly solutions for smart living. We are working with ARTC to develop Singapore's first tethered Crawler Robot for refuse chute maintenance. Our robot was showcased at the Public Service Science, Technology & Engineering Conference (STEC 2022) at Marina Bay Sands Singapore on 2 September. 

View AmpTec Industrial Innovation's Crawler Robot Demo:

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