Steam Cleaning

The proper maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness in an environment can help to prevent the spread of harmful diseases and safeguard the health and wellbeing of people. Steam has been used effectively to sanitise and disinfect surfaces for decades.

Exclusively distributed by AmpTec Industrial Innovation Pte Ltd, OPTIMA STEAMER™ is a steam cleaning machine that can quickly and effectively remove dirt, stains, grease, odour and other contaminants from a wide range of surfaces without chemicals and without creating waste-water run-off. From South Korea, OPTIMA STEAMER™ needs only a fraction of water to produce ample amount of vapour steam continuously, in perfect temperature and pressure.

How does it work?

When pressurised steam hits a surface, its water vapour molecules penetrate the porous surface to remove all forms of bacteria, dirt, stains, and grease. In high temperature, the steam can effectively eradicate bacteria and other pathogens like mould, fleas, and dust mites; thereby helping to sanitise and disinfect surfaces completely.

OPTIMA STEAMER™ can be used to disinfect and maintain surfaces in a wide range of applications for industries not limited to the following:

In the F&B processing industries, steam cleaning is used to sanitise kitchen equipment and machinery such as stoves, hoods, vents, and conveyor belts. In the hospitality industries, high-temperature steam cleaning can eradicate microorganisms, allergens, mould, and bed bugs from upholstery, bedding, and furniture.

High-temperature steam is effective in the extermination of germs even in the smallest cracks and crevices, without the need for any chemicals. This feature is particularly valued in hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries, and childcare centres where stringent hygiene standards are enforced and practised.

In the automotive and transportation industry, steam cleaning is also used on sensors, control panels, dashboards, and other electronic or computer devices that are water-sensitive. Because of steam’s low moisture content, it leaves the electronic equipment and seat upholstery dry in an instant, reducing downtime for customers.

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