Tools Cleaning Service Centre

In 1996, AmpTec invested in a fluidised bed system to provide tools cleaning service that is mainly dedicated to the plastic processing industry. 

Plastics, resins and rubber can be found everywhere around us and they play an indispensable role in a wide variety of markets such as:

- Packaging
- Automotive
- Home appliances, electrical/electronic components
- Toy producers
- Computer
- Mobile phone
- Medical equipment
- Gasket and seal
- Protective equipment and mask
- Furniture and furnishings
- Adhesives, inks and coatings
- Wires and cables

During the fabrication of the final component, high precision tools and moulds on the production line (injection moulding, extrusion, thermoforming, blow moulding, compounding etc) can get contaminated by plastic, resin or rubber. As such, they require regular cleaning to guarantee the quality and productivity of the end product.

Regular cleaning can be scheduled as part of routine maintenance to remove contaminant build-up and during incidences of colour change to tooling parts.
Typical parts that require cleaning include screws, nozzles, moulds, hot runners, dies, breaker plates, filters, mixers, injection moulds, manifolds, etc. Thermal cleaning in fluidised bed offers an effective solution that minimises downtime without compromising the actual tool surface tolerance and characteristics. AmpTec organises a full door to door service for the clients.

We strongly advise the preventive maintenance of tooling to decrease downtime and increase quality and productivity. Test our services and we will be your partner for life.

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