High-Pressure Surface Cleaning for Floors and Surfaces

Companies always strive to keep a clean and tidy exterior of their offices and buildings because it helps to create a good impression in the minds of users. A good impression equates to a positive brand image, which is important for business.

A clean and tidy building/ office exterior is not difficult to achieve. Keeping the exterior clean involves the maintenance of walls, flooring, and other surfaces. Floor cleaning for one is an important part of a facility’s maintenance.

The flooring is an area that is most exposed to dirt accumulation and harsh abrasion; hence should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly for it to be kept in optimal condition. Keeping the flooring clean can help to prevent the development of corrosion and unsightly cracks as well as the seepage of grease and grime, which when left unchecked can affect the flooring’s integrity and durability over time.

One efficient and effective way to keep flooring clean is through high-pressure cleaning. High-pressure cleaning involves the utilisation of high pressure to discharge water and detergent through a nozzle or sprayer to remove stubborn dirt, grease, mud, stains, and mould from surfaces. High-pressure cleaning has been proven to be effective for cleaning a wide range of surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and stone among others.

AmpTec is pleased to introduce Mosmatic Ag high-pressure cleaners with technology from Switzerland. The features and benefits of Mosmatic high-pressure cleaners include the following:

Time-and-cost savings
  Mosmatic high-pressure cleaners are able to clean faster, enabling considerable time savings. Lesser manpower is required for cleaning, saving labour costs.
  Mosmatic cleaners can clean large and tight spaces, both indoors and outdoors.
Ease of operation
  Its compact and lightweight body enables ease of cleaning especially over large areas.
  Mosmatic high-pressure cleaners can clean walls, floors, and other flat surfaces. In addition, the availability of a wide range of nozzles enable the customisation of cleaning jobs easily and effortlessly.
Low maintenance
  Mosmatic cleaners are designed to facilitate minimal maintenance, saving users considerable cost and time.

Mosmatic Ag cleaners are exclusively distributed by AmpTec Industrial Innovation in Singapore. Find out more about Mosmatic Ag high-pressure cleaners here.

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