Dry Ice Cleaning for Medical Device Manufacturing

Precision and accuracy are common terms associated with medical device manufacturing. 
This is because medical devices are required to be designed and produced with the 
highest precision and accuracy under stringent requirements in order to be safely 
used by consumers. 

Medical equipment / tooling such as conveyor belt systems and medical device moulds 
are frequently subject to residue build-up during production. The failure to clean 
them thoroughly can affect the precision accuracy of the device being produced and 
contribute to higher scrap rates – an expensive result due to the high cost incurred 
in manufacturing medical devices. However, cleaning mould cavities could be a challenge 
for some medical products because of their small size and intricate design.

This is when dry ice blasting comes in. The highly precise cleaning solution has been 
found to reduce scrap rates significantly due to its ability to effectively clean 
small cavities and hard-to-reach corners using non-abrasive dry ice. 

On top of cleaning medical equipment and tooling, dry ice blasting can also be used 
for parts finishing – by accurately deburring machined parts after their manufacture; 
thereby increasing quality production and additionally helping to reduce scrap rates.

To help companies save downtime hours, facilities managers can choose to conduct dry 
ice cleaning while operating the equipment / tooling (e.g. running the conveyor belt 
system for medical device/ hardware) with no risk of fire or electrical hazards 
because of its non-conductivity.

Watch our video of conveyor belt system cleaning for medical device industry: 

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