Dry Ice Cleaning for Aerospace Manufacturing

In the aerospace industry, dry ice cleaning is an environmentally friendly and 
cost-efficient maintenance solution. Aerospace companies such as aerospace parts 
manufacturers and aerospace facilities companies often face challenges in the safe 
and thorough cleaning of their equipment.

There are diverse uses in dry ice cleaning for aerospace manufacturers, one of which 
is turbine engines.  The conventional way of cleaning turbine engine parts like 
compressor blades is usually done by manual labour using harsh chemicals. This 
cleaning method is more time-consuming and pose risks of damage to the surface. 
Workers can also be hurt in the process due to the sharpness of the blades cleaned. 

With dry ice cleaning, the issues of workplace safety are addressed. Because dry ice 
cleaning uses soft dry ice that is non-abrasive, there is no risk of damage or altering 
to surfaces. Workers can also clean at a distance away from the blades, reducing their 
risks of danger. Because it is non-conductive, dry ice cleaning has no risks of fire 
hazards during cleaning. In addition, cleaning can be done in-place with no need of 
relocating heavy equipment or machinery.

Dry ice cleaning is equipped to thoroughly clean heavy contaminants such as sealants, 
exhaust gas deposits and grime. The accumulation of dirt can impair the turbine engine 
performance, resulting in increased wear and tear; thereby, impacting on operational 
cost and efficiency. 

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