Dry Ice Cleaning for Industrial Electronics

Industrial electronics parts and components are ubiquitous in many sectors. They are 
used to power applications in the electronics, automotive, medical device, aerospace 
industries among others. 

Their cleaning however comes with challenges. Conventional cleaning ranges from manual 
and power washing to sandblasting. These are often time-consuming and runs the risk of 
damage to surfaces. 

To counter these problems, facilities managers can consider dry ice cleaning, an 
environmentally friendly solution for cleaning diverse applications such as printed 
circuit boards, switch cabinets, electrical components, etc. Benefits include:

•   Non-toxic and non-abrasive cleaning. Dry ice cleaning uses soft dry ice at 
    pressurised speeds that sublimate to lift contaminants off substrates. 
    As only dry ice is used, there are no chemicals that require secondary 
    disposal. Moreover, the process does not cause damage to intricate 
    electronics components.

•   Cleans thoroughly. Dry ice cleaning is able to reach hard-to-reach corners 
    and micro cavities of electronic components to clean them effectively.

•   Non-conductive and dry process. Dry ice cleaning cleans without releasing 
    any moisture that may incur electrical hazards.

•   Cleans in-place conveniently. The cleaning process requires no need of moving 
    heavy or complex machinery or equipment. 

•   Cleaning can be done without shutting down operations. Cleaning can be done 
    while in operation, saving downtime hours.

Watch our wafer chuck dry ice cleaning video here: 

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