Rust and Corrosion Removal with Dry Ice Cleaning

Tools, machines and equipment are susceptible to wear and tear as well as rust and 
corrosion when not properly maintained. Humidity and moisture for example can affect 
the rate of rust and corrosion forming on equipment surfaces.  

One of the more effective and environmentally friendly ways for cleaning and removing 
rust off industrial tooling and equipment is dry ice blasting. Dry ice blasting can 
also be used as surface preparation or spot treatment on parts of industrial tooling 
and equipment. The benefits include:

•   Dry ice blasting blasts solid carbon dioxide pellets or MicroParticles at 
    supersonic speeds that sublimate on impact, lifting contaminants off surfaces. 
    This is a gentle, yet powerful and non-abrasive process that will not harm or 
    alter surfaces.

•   Dry ice blasting is moisture-free and cleans without leaving any residue 
    or waste requiring post cleaning up or secondary disposal. This improves 
    the efficiency of cleaning, enabling higher turnover of operations. For 
    spot treatment or surface preparation purposes, operators may also apply 
    new coatings more quickly, improving efficiency.

•   Dry ice blasting is more environmentally friendly, reducing post cleaning up 
    due to lack of secondary waste. In addition, the cleaning process reduces 
    the level of dust particles in the air; thereby ensuring a safer and healthier 
    environment for workers.

Watch our corrosion dry ice cleaning video here: 

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