Glass Panel Cleaning & Restoration with Dry Ice Cleaning

Glass facades/panels, similar to other types of materials, are prone to dirt and grime 
and thus require regular cleaning to preserve their sleek and polished outlook. 
Their cleaning frequency is also dependent on environmental factors. For example, 
industrial or commercial buildings in areas with ongoing construction and refurbishment 
could be subject to more dust and dirt. Other dirt accumulations such as pest droppings 
and even water streaks and stains can also leave unsightly dirty marks on façade walls.

Cleaning glass walls or panels require delicate care. Glass is prone to scratches/ 
etches – corrosion of surfaces from dirt accumulation. The use of abrasive chemicals 
and cleaning agents (scouring pads) can also harm the coating on glass surfaces. 
To restore the pristine condition of glass panels, facilities managers may consider 
dry ice blasting. The process utilises solid carbon dioxide pellets or shaved ice, 
which are blasted at supersonic speeds and sublimate on impact, to lift contaminants 
off surfaces. Dry ice blasting benefits:

•    Gentle and non-abrasive process. Dry ice is a soft media and will not harm 
     surfaces or alter their integrity.
•    Non-toxic cleaning due to lack of harsh chemicals used.
•    Environmentally friendly as there is no secondary waste produced that needs 
     cleaning up or disposal. Dry ice used here also does not add to the carbon 
•    Non-conductive thus reducing electrical hazards.
•    Reduce downtime with quicker process and improve efficiency from 
     lesser manpower used. 

Watch our glass panel dry ice cleaning video here: 

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