Historical Artifact Restoration with Dry Ice Cleaning

Historical restoration of artifacts such as sculptures and objects can be a time-consuming 
process requiring considerable care and effort. Much attention is needed to restore an 
artifact or cultural object to its original state and appearance, without compromising 
and altering the integrity of surfaces.

Conventional cleaning methods utilising abrasive chemicals are frowned upon due to the 
risk of chemicals being seeped into the artifact’s material. Cleaning has to be gentle 
enough not to cause undue stress or scratches onto delicate surfaces such as marble, 
glass or onyx.

A cleaning solution such as dry ice cleaning is gentle yet thorough enough to remove 
multiple types of contaminants including adhesive, tar, carbon buildup, mould and 
corrosive pollutants among others. 

Dry ice cleaning directs solid dry ice at supersonic speeds that sublimate on impact upon 
surfaces, effectively lifting contaminants off them. No chemicals and water are required, 
minimising moisture and effects of mould. There is also no secondary waste that is needed 
to be disposed of, rendering the process effortless. As dry ice cleaning cleans in-place, 
no effort is required to move or shift bulky objects around. 

Watch our glass panel dry ice cleaning video here: 

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