Paints/Coatings Removal with Dry Ice Cleaning

Paint removal/stripping is a common surface preparation procedure for the building and 
manufacturing industries. Corrosion, dirt and grease accumulation as well as old paint 
coatings are often cleaned for the purposes of recovering rejected production parts, 
remanufacturing for sustainability and/or extending the shelf life of components 
among other purposes. 

In addition, during the brazing surface preparation process – where metal parts 
are joined/fused together – it is essential to ensure that surfaces are cleaned 
thoroughly of grease, oil, paint residues in order to prevent oxidation and rusting. 

Conventional methods of paint stripping typically involve harsh, toxic chemicals and 
abrasive processes like sandblasting. These often contribute to secondary waste and 
environmental pollution – chemicals and residual dust (in the air and on parts) 
which need to be cleaned off before the next coating application. The extra post 
cleaning steps would incur additional manpower resources and time spent for 
companies. Moreover failure to clean and dry these parts and components thoroughly 
could introduce residual dirt and moisture; thus, compromising the integrity of 
parts being treated and produced.

One surface preparation method that is time -and manpower-friendly that facilities 
managers may consider is dry ice blasting. The process utilises dry ice at supersonic 
speeds onto surfaces, effectively lifting them upon sublimation. One of the distinct 
advantages of dry ice cleaning over conventional cleaning methods is the lack of 
secondary waste and its ability to clean in-place. 

Dry ice cleaning eliminates the need of post cleaning up because there is no 
environmental pollution (unlike dust that is generated from sandblasting) rendering 
the process safer for workers. The process cleans needing only dry ice as the media 
– when dry ice sublimates upon impact with surfaces, it lifts contaminants (paint 
coatings) off surfaces – and introduces no moisture nor chemicals that need to 
be wiped off thereafter.

The use of dry ice cleaning extends beyond manufacturing industries to include 
a wide range of applications including building conservation and preservation. 
The gentle, non-abrasive cleaning technology can be used for the safe removal 
of paint off walls from materials like stone and bricks; effectively meeting 
conservation and preservation objectives.

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