Dry Ice Cleaning for Plastics Industry

Dry ice blasting is an efficient cleaning technology for plastics manufacturers, 
bringing about many benefits such as improving product quality, reducing scraps 
and prolonging lifespan of tooling and equipment.

The environmentally friendly cleaning application is excellent in removing 
entrenched contaminants such as surface residues and impurities from mould cavities 
with no downtime and workplace/health risks to workers. 

As compared to conventional sandblasting or wire brushing cleaning, which requires 
employees to work in high hazard settings – proximity to hot metal surfaces – during 
production, or in situations requiring the utilisation of harsh chemicals, dry ice 
cleaning is a user-friendlier and safer solution. 

Because dry ice cleaning is dry and non-conductive, it can be used for cleaning 
equipment while it is still hot (with no need of cooling-down or assembly/disassembly); 
thereby enabling safer conditions for workers while improving productivity at same time. 
Dry ice blasting is non-toxic and does not produce secondary waste that requires post-
cleaning up or disposal, helping companies stay on track of their carbon footprint goals.

As a surface preparation method, dry ice blasting is effective in removing contaminants 
and impurities from a wide range of substrate surfaces. Dry ice blasting uses recycled 
dry ice blasted at supersonic speeds on dirty substrates to lift contaminants off them 
upon sublimation. The gentle, non-abrasive process does not harm surfaces, is 
non-flammable and is environmentally sustainable. 

 Watch our plastic components' dry ice cleaning here: 

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