Dry Ice Cleaning: Your Efficient and Gentle Cleaning Solution

Maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of a facility can sometimes be a challenging task. Some of the problems commonly faced by managers may range from mould build-up to harsh abrasiveness of the cleaning medium. Cleaning methods may be time-consuming and ineffective, resulting in higher manpower and operation costs in the long term. Traditional cleaning methods may also utilise more chemicals and water, generating secondary waste that would require extra cleaning.

Dry ice cleaning or blasting on the other hand is a safe and gentle cleaning method that can effectively remove stubborn dirt and stains. It is similar to traditional cleaning methods such as sand blasting where the media is accelerated in a pressurised air stream to impact on the surface to be cleaned; however, the similarity ends here. While sand blasting uses fine particles such as copper and steel – fairly abrasive media that are potentially damaging to the surface – to lift dirt off surfaces, dry ice blasting utilises soft dry ice, accelerated at supersonic speeds to create mini-explosions on the surface to lift dirt or any undesirable item off the surface.

Dry ice cleaning is also environmentally-friendly and contains no secondary contaminants such as solvents or grit media and can be used to remove production residues, release agents, contaminants, paints, oils and biofilms. It is also a gentle and safe cleaning method that is approved for use in the food industries. This highly effective cleaning solution has applications in many industry sectors such as the following:

Food & Beverage
  Effectively decontaminate surfaces of bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli as well as other allergens; clean food processing equipment without the need for harmful chemicals that may contaminate food during preparation etc.
General Cleaning
  Dry ice cleaning uses less ice and air than other blasting system, requiring minimal maintenance. The wide range of complementary nozzles and accessories helps to support diverse cleaning applications.
Industrial Facility Maintenance
  Effective cleaning of production facilities can help to extend shelf life of machines and components, eliminating costly repair or replacement, and ensuring a safer working environment.
Medical Device
  Dry ice cleaning helps to effectively clean the moulds used in medical device manufacturing without the use of chemicals; thus eliminating any form of chemical residue on the mould. It is a non-abrasive method used to clean catheter tips, surgical device handles, surgical instrument trays and stents among others.

The dry ice cleaning system is from US company, Cold Jet, the global pioneering expert in dry ice technology and cleaning. The Cold Jet dry ice cleaning solution is exclusively marketed by AmpTec Industrial Innovation, heating and cleaning specialist in Singapore.
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